Exploration & Production

“Demir Energy - Securing America’s Energy”

Making optimal use of available domestic fossil fuel resources is key to ensuring adequate supplies of energy for American consumers. This imperative has brought renewed focus to the significant oil and natural gas resources still remaining in America’s oldest producing areas: the Appalachian and Illinois basins.

New plays are attracting heightened interest in exploration and production in the regions. Applying new technologies and concepts responsibly is resulting in a wide range of new activities in the basins which Demir Energy is committed to.

Demir Energy is holding strong positions within these basins and is pursuing the resources economically using conventional drilling and completion techniques as well as advanced multilateral technology and horizontal shale accessibilities. New reservoir stimulation and horizontal drilling capabilities are enabling Demir Energy to revisit proven shale, such as the New Albany Shale and newer formations like the Berea Sandstone.