Company Overview


Demir Energy, headquartered in Kentucky, is a new generation of US energy mentality combined with proven customized metrics that ultimately provide scalable business models.

Demir Energy is an independent energy company consisting of three main divisions:

  1. Oil & Natural Gas
  2. Renewable Energy
  3. Mergers & Acquisitions

Each division has its own target segments, belongs to the Demir Energy Business Team (DEBT) and shaped Demir Energy’s company foundation comprised of strategic innovations, continuous value-adds, market adaptability & conditions, education and an exit driven optimization & maximization model.

In addition, Demir Energy has implemented a prediction analysis metric that increases mitigation and contingency plans against risks and market uncertainties. With this scenario model breakdown, Demir Energy’s quality control parameters can include certain triggers that change market trends and consequently test the abilities to respond. The goal is to align operations and projects in such a way that it will prevent costly consequences.