About Demir Energy

Demir Energy is a vertically integrated US energy company headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky with a branch office in Bowling Green, Kentucky. In addition to its oil & natural gas exploration, production and development industry segments, Demir Energy specializes in renewable energy, such as waste-to-energy, modular biomass gasification systems and biofuels.


Demir Energy is driven by a consortium of top business industry professionals and a strategic advisory board that are committed to fueling America’s energy future. This new breed of collaborative executives combined with a desire to identify and secure niche opportunities in the energy market is the result of an unparalleled pledge and commitment to significantly contribute to the energy landscape here in the US.

Demir Energy and its stellar team have developed an adaptive business model that combines strategic acquisitions, solid energy profiles, advanced technological capabilities, efficient and responsible operations, management and concentrated development applications targeting all of its divisions.

Energy demand is expected to grow over the long term due to anticipated global economic and population growth. More total energy will be needed in the US and globally in order to accommodate this expected demand.


Demir Energy’s strength lies in its firm commitment to energy independence in the United States by taking strong actions domestically yet thinking globally. Technological innovations have also made a major mark within the renewable and alternative energy spectrum which allowed Demir Energy to anchor itself within this promising sustainable energy market. It is this “green” energy that is shaping Demir Energy’s future.

The arrival of the renaissance in US energy has steered the domestic crude oil and other liquid fluids production levels by over 50 percent in just the past five years, to a rate of more than 11 million barrels per day. Natural gas production has risen by 40 percent since 2005, and is now at record highs.

According to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates, the United States has passed Russia and Saudi Arabia to become the world’s largest oil and natural gas producer.

“Welcome to a new era in the United States energy landscape – Welcome to Demir Energy”

As the United States produces more of its own oil, it is importing a lot less than it used to. The share of US liquid fuels consumption met by net imports fell to an average of 33 percent in 2013, down from more than 60 percent in 2005. The EIA expects that share to hit 20 percent in 2016 which would be the lowest level since 1968.

The EIA forecasts that US energy demand will grow by 12 percent between 2014 and 2040, with more than half of that energy need to be met by oil and natural gas. Global energy demand is expected to grow more than 50 percent during the same time period with oil, natural gas and coal continuing to meet most of that necessity.

By 2040, US production of crude and other liquids is projected to rise to over 15 million barrels per day which translates to about a 70 percent increase from 2010. Similar growth rates are expected for natural gas.

Over the past decade, technological advancements within the oil & natural gas industry combined with revolutionary techniques and modernized methodologies have allowed the United States to become a major global energy producer instead of just being the largest consumer in the world. The United States is taking diligent steps towards its energy independence in the future and Demir Energy is committed to helping America keep that promise.